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From Collision to Compensation: Payments and Recovery After a Motor Vehicle Accident in NSW
Healthcare And Medicine
Motor Vehicle Accidents
The new CTP scheme took force from 1 December 2017 and came about with the passing of the Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017 (‘the Act’). Under the new scheme, injured people could access statutory benefits without needing to establish fault. These changes aimed to provide fair and tailored outcomes, as well as timely support for...
Minor Injuries, Major Impacts: There is more for you to know about Threshold Injuries
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Motor Vehicle Accidents
When a statutory benefits claim is lodged under the NSW CTP scheme, the insurance company will always end up making a decision on whether or not your injury is determined to be a threshold (minor) injury. The threshold injury test is important because it is the gateway to continual statutory benefits and common law damages....
Surveillance Footage In Personal Injury Cases: What you need to know as an injured person in the 21st Century
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Motor Vehicle Accidents, Public Liability Claim, Workers Compensation
Video and communications technology in today’s day and age are widely accessible and easy to use. In personal injury claims, video surveillance is now used to assist insurance companies in their assessment and investigations of claims, to confirm or dispute allegations of injuries and restricted functions. They do this by recording you undertaking usual activities...
No Win, No Fee
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Malicious Prosecution, Medical Negligence, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Public Liability Claim, Superannuation Claims, Workers Compensation
It means exactly what it says. If we don’t win your claim for you, we do not charge you ANY costs or disbursements. You will only pay legal costs if we successfully finalise your claim. If we take on your claim, it means we believe in your claim and we will be fully dedicated to...
Minor Injury: It could take more than 26 weeks to recover
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Motor Vehicle Accidents
The new CTP scheme took force from 1 December 2017 and came about with the passing of the Motor Accident Injury Act 2017 (‘The Act’). Under this new scheme, those who have been injured must pass a ‘minor injury test’ to obtain benefits for more than 26 weeks, and to potentially have a feasible claim...
Superannuation Claims – Death and Disability Claims – Sydney NSW
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Superannuation Claims
Life Insurance products include: Life (Death Cover) – if the insured dies, a lump sum is paid to beneficiaries or the insured’s closest living relatives; Total Permanent Disablement (TPD Cover) – if the insured is unable to return to work in an occupation within their qualifications and experience, a lump sum is paid to the...
Weekly Payments After 260 weeks – A Court of Appeal Decision
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Workers Compensation
Construction of s 39 WCA – Workers are entitled to payments for the period between the discontinuation and resumption of payments after an assessment by an AMS Hochbaum v RSM Building Services Pty Ltd; Whitton v Technical and Furthern Education Commission t/as TAFE NSW [2020] NSWCA 113 – White & Brereton JJA & Simpson AJA...
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