Life Insurance products include: Life (Death Cover) – if the insured dies, a lump sum is paid to beneficiaries or the insured’s closest living relatives; Total Permanent Disablement (TPD Cover) – if the insured is unable to return to work in an occupation within their qualifications and experience, a lump sum is paid to the insured; Critical Illness / Trauma Insurance Cover – if the insured is diagnosed with serious covered illnesses or suffer serious physical covered injuries (for example the loss of the use of two hands), a lump sum is paid to the insured; Income Protection (IP Cover) – if the insured is totally or partially unable to perform important duties of their occupation due to injury or illness, a monthly benefit is paid to the insured for a set period which could range from months to 5 years or age 60.

Life, TPD, and IP insurance usually form part of superannuation accounts.

These insurances can also be purchased directly from an insurance provider. Critical Illness / Trauma Insurance is usually purchased directly from a provider.

If you stopped working due to injury or illness recently or many years ago, you might have insurance coverage in your super that you were unaware of. Further, if you were a member of multiple superannuation funds, you may be able to make multiple claims.

If loved ones have died, they might have had Death Cover in their super or directly with an insurer.

If you believe an insured met or meets the requirements to claim life insurance benefits and need assistance with claiming, contact us to discuss your rights.

We will investigate your insurance coverage at the time the requirements were met (death of a relative, ceasing all work due to injury or illness, becoming totally or partially disabled to perform important duties of occupation, diagnosed with a serious illness, or suffering serious physical loss) for free and if insurance cover is found and your circumstances allow you to claim, we offer to represent you on a ‘No Win, No Fee, Fixed Fee’ basis to save you from paying Upfront Fees and allowing you to know from the beginning, what our costs will be – only if – the claim(s) is/are successful.

Dealing with these types of claims and with insurers can be overwhelming and sometimes intimidating; knowing where you legally stand can make the difference in getting your claim approved and paid.

If your claim has been declined by an insurer or superfund, we can review the reasons for their denial and advise you how to overturn their decision on a ‘No Win, No Fee, Fixed Fee’ basis.

We are a specliased law firm based in Sydney NSW and can assist you with your superannuation claim. contact us today on 1300 594 872 or inquire below.