It means exactly what it says. If we don’t win your claim for you, we do not charge you ANY costs or disbursements. You will only pay legal costs if we successfully finalise your claim.

If we take on your claim, it means we believe in your claim and we will be fully dedicated to it to the extent that we are willing to invest in it. This alone should give you a lot of comfort when dealing with us and you can be assured that your claim will have our full commitment. After all, if you lose, we lose and if you win, we win, and nobody likes to lose.

The promise of no win, no fee applies to all claims where compensation is being claimed for damage or harm caused by a third party.

Engaging Trump Lawyers on a No Win, No Fee Basis

If you decide to engage us in a compensation claim, we will set out the terms of our engagement in a legal document named Costs Agreement which will explicitly state that our costs and disbursements are only payable on the successful completion of your claim.

Client Obligations

If you enter into a No Win, No Fee arrangement with us, your obligations are:

  • To sign our No Win, No Fee Costs Disclosure and Costs Agreement,
  • Be honest and transparent when providing instructions to your solicitor,
  • Advise us immediately if your circumstances change which might impact your claim,
  • Consider, accept and follow reasonable legal advice,
  • Remain in constant contact with Trump Lawyers.

More Questions

If you have questions about our fees or another aspect of our services, please feel welcome to contact us  online or by calling 1300 594 872.

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