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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Claims   

If you have been injured at work or on your way to or from work then you are eligible to make a claim for worker compensation. The NSW Workers Compensation Scheme is a “no fault” system which means even if the injury was caused purely by your own negligence you will still be entitled to bring a claim. Benefits under the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme include:
  • Lump Sum Compensation for your injury
  • Weekly payments representing your lost wages
  • Payment of all medical expenses
  • Payments for care and assistance
The process of compensation claims can sometimes be draining and extremely complicated and it can add to the stress and anxiety associated that already comes with your injury. The law in this area is also extremely complicated and it is vital that you seek the assistance of a lawyer that has sound knowledge of the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme. We at Trump Lawyers specialise in personal injury compensation and we will tell you exactly what your claim will involve, what benefits you can claim and approximately how long it will take.

Seriously Injured Workers

If you have been seriously injured at work and we can demonstrate that your level of impairment is 15% or greater, you will become entitled to bring a claim for negligence against your employer, these claims are known as “common law” or “work injury damages” claims. Common Law or Work Injury Damages claims mean that you can claim all your past and future loss of earnings (up to the age of retirement) as a lump sum, you will also be able to claim past and future loss of superannuation entitlements. This can add up to a significant amount. If you have already been assessed as having 15% Whole Person Impairment or greater then you need a specialist compensation lawyer to get you the maximum compensation you deserve. Call us now and arrange a free consultation with one of our personal injury specialists.

How much do we charge?

Nothing, at Trump Lawyers we do not charge our clients any fees for acting on their behalf in workers compensation claim, our fees are paid by WorkCover separately (Common Law & Work Injury Damages claims not included). For more information on workers compensation claims, feel free to call Trump Lawyers at 02 9724 2549 or you can ask us questions though this contact us form.  

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Workers Compensation Claims

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