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Criminal Law

Criminal Law 

It’s not a pleasant experience to be the centre of a criminal investigation and almost everyone who finds themselves in such a situation panics. This is understandable because it’s not easy to keep a level head and not betray yourself when faced with police enquiries and accusations. In such cases, you need someone who knows the law to help you get out of the situation. We at Trump Lawyers can help. Our experienced criminal lawyers will offer blunt and factual advice and help you deal with the situation. Trump Lawyers can assist you at every stage of the process from Police interviews, bail applications, guilty pleas and defended hearings to representing you at trial, appeals and plea bargains.  We have the experience necessary to ensure that you are expertly represented in all criminal proceedings.

Don’t Panic, Just Call Us 

You’re innocent until proven guilty and it’s vital that you speak to a lawyer as soon as you are approached by police. There are many laws in place that protect your interests and make sure that you’re not unjustly prosecuted. If you’re being questioned or charged by police in relation to a criminal matter, call us without delay. We can help you with a number of legal situations including:
  • Traffic Offences
  • Assault and Affray
  • Bail Applications
  • Drug Possession / Trafficking and Importation
These are just some of the many criminal cases and situations we can handle, call us and a criminal law expert will work to help you stay out of trouble. You can call us on 02 9724 2549 or ask us a question though this contact us form.  

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Criminal Law

Our experienced criminal lawyers will offer blunt and factual advice and help you deal with any situation. Don't panic, just call us!



I. Pahali

“After a painstaking 6 years, jumping from lawyer to lawyer, and both an emotional and physical distress, I finally found liberation and result at Trump Lawyers.
Trump Lawyers took on my motor vehicle accident claim, promised and delivered! Within a matter of months my claim was revived and it turned from a lost cause to a claim worth hundreds of thousands. What an absolute relief!
Simple and coherent feedback with constant updates. I felt progression for the first time. I felt like a human and not like another case/file.”

M. Gabriel

“I knew from the start that my case was not going to be a simple one, it was against the NSW Police Force. I had two other law firms handle my case before Trump Lawyers, the first one took 8 months and did not do anything and the second one bailed out after 3 months, I was very disappointed to say the least. Trump Lawyers were recommended to me by a friend of mine and from the first consultation I could just tell that Joseph, the solicitor that was to look after my case, knew what he was talking about. He informed me of the process and gave me a timeline explaining what happens at every stage. Within 3 months my claim had started in Court and about 9 months after it was finalised. I was extremely happy with the service at Trump lawyers and I would recommend them to anyone.”


‘We would like to express our gratitude to you and your firm. We were very impressed with your conveyancing services. You always took the time to answer our questions no matter how trivial they were. We will gladly recommend Trump Lawyers to anyone.”

“To others, it's just business, to us... it's personal.”

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